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About Nebraska CEC

The Nebraska Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) is a community of educators and partners in learning dedicated to advancing the success of students with exceptionalities in Nebraska. As a local CEC Unit, Nebraska CEC's mission is to improve, through excellence and advocacy, the education and quality of life for children and youth with exceptionalities and/or special needs and to enhance engagement of their families.


Leadership Team

President Michael Hebert
President Elect Vacant
Past President Becky Kalinski
Treasurer Mackenzie Savaiano
Secretary Felicity Balluch
CAN Coordinator Erica Brandow
Membership Coordinator Pam Brezenski
Membership Representative (Eastern Nebraska) Patti Jensen
Membership Representative (Central Nebraska) Stathene Varvisotis
Representative Assembly Jacqueline Huscroft-D’Angelo
Representative Assembly Sadie Coffee


Last Updated:  15 January, 2021

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